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     Re: Pager Notification

Escalating an event to critical right away will actually defeat the
basic design behind nocol (avoid false alarms).

However, you can get notified of particular hosts right away by adding
a  line in the noclogd to get paged at the WARNING level for particular
hosts (just run an external program which ignores all except what are
critical hosts).


Stefan `Sec` Zehl wrote:
> Our webcache frequently crashes (we are debugging it, but i have no
> idea why) in which case we need to restart it.
> If I assign it 'critical' level in portmon-conf, it slowly rises from
> 'warning','error' to critical (one with each check). As portmon rechecks
> every 10 minutes means that our webcache is 30 minutes down before
> someone will get paged. Is there a way to circumvent this 'slow rise'
> or, even better, a way to trigger an earlier recheck in case something
> fails ?(so fatal errors would rise more quickly)