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     Re: more portmon problems..

Since portmon2.c is experimental (BTW, please get the portmon beta2 that
I put out on the web site under downloads/ if you are using portmon2.c),
can others who have been having no problems with the 'regular' portmon.c
try out portmon2.c and let me know if you get unnecessary warnings ? If
this new portmon2.c works, it will be a big win over the older version
(connects to 16 or more TCP ports at once and muxes over them).

If you do get errors, please run portmon2 with -dddd and mail me the
debug output.

Any bug reports, etc. at this time will help.


> > Vikas, thanks for the portmon2.c it seems to be working great just a
> > little problems i noticed with it. There are about 5-6 sites that
> > constantly get flagged as being down they are WWW and SMTP but when
> > I check on the status they are all up? I cannot figure out why it flags them
> >
> > Dinesh
> You should try the first one by hand and make sure you get back a 250 when
> you issue HELO portmon.test.
>      Rick Beebe                                           (203) 785-4566