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     Re: more portmon problems..

Dinesh Mistry wrote:
> Hey There,
> Vikas, thanks for the portmon2.c it seems to be working great just a
> little problems i noticed with it. There are about 5-6 sites that
> constantly get flagged as being down they are WWW and SMTP but when
> I check on the status they are all up? I cannot figure out why it flags them
> as being down here is the entry into the portmon.confg for a couple.
> HOST  nile         SMTPport  25    Critical HELO portmon.te
> st
> info    250
> HOST  nypg       WWWport  80  Critical  GET /index.html H
> TTP/1.0\n
> Thanks for all you help much appreciated..
> Dinesh

You should try the first one by hand and make sure you get back a 250 when
you issue HELO portmon.test.

I believe that the device will go to the default severity (critical in this
case) unless the response matches one of the response lines. Ie, for host
nile you're checking for a 250. If portmon gets a 250 it will set the device
to Info. Since there are no response lines on the web servers it will move
the devices to Critical. Try

HOST nypg  WWWport 80 Critical GET /index.html HTTP/1.0\n
info HTTP 1.1 200 OK

Try these by hand, though. Some of my web servers return HTTP 1.0 200 OK and
one of them returned HTTP 1.0 200 Retrieving data from cache (so I left the
'OK' off that entry.


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