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     Pager Notification

I was wondering if someone might have some source to already do what I'm
looking for (again, being so far out of time it's not even funny) with
Nocol (duh).

I'm looking at a paging "solution" that will basically page people
ONCE when a given event gets to a certain level and then again when the
event "goes away."  I'm not really that concerned about "escalating" a
problem that's not going away, but I do need to stop some pager spam
(for things that we know about but can't fix right away).

Also, as far as "HUP'able" monitors go, perhaps it would be "less
expensive" if each monitor were only run from cron and would thereby
re-read it's configuration file each time it was run rather than have it
stay resident and take up memory, processor, etc while it was running...
perhaps that would make more sense?  Or at least to have them look at
their configs to see if they had changed since the last time they were
read and then "do the right thing" (then again, you probably DON'T want
the routine trying to make a decision as to when someone's done editing
a file, either).


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