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     Re: radiusmon w/ Livingston Radius Server 2.0.1+some_patches

This inspired me to hook up radiusmon and it's failing for me as well.
And, to check whether it was my config, I tryed radpwtst from the same
machine with the same shared secret, username and password and it
(radpwtst) succeeded.

On Tue, Sep 08/98, Brandon Applegate <brandon@one.net> wrote:
> I have recompiled radiusmon with the #define IGNORE_AUTHCODE, and it
> behaves 'o.k.'  What I mean is that if the radius daemon is running,
> netconsole looks fine (level info).  When I stop radius, I go to
> critical (good).  I guess my question is why am I not being
> authenticated ??  I have quadruple checked the username and password
> sent to the radius server.  Is there a mismatch in the radiusmon code in
> terms of result codes or something ??
> When I have radiusmon compiled without #define IGNORE_AUTHCODE, it is
> always at CRITICAL.

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