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     radiusmon w/ Livingston Radius Server 2.0.1+some_patches

Greetings all,

After recently installing and playing around with nocol (latest
version), I decided the first real monitor that I would try to get
running would be radiusmon.  Easy right ?? :)

Here is my users entry:

# RN:NOCOL Test acount
brandon Password = "fake"
        User-Service-Type = Framed-User,
        Framed-Protocol = PPP,
        Framed-Address =,
        Framed-Netmask =,
        Framed-MTU = 1500,
        Framed-Filter-Id = "dialup",
        Framed-Compression = Van-Jacobsen-TCP-IP

Here is what I am getting on my radius server:

[root@rad2 /var/log/radacct]# radiusd -x
Tue Sep  8 16:57:30 1998: [7154] radiusd: Livingston RADIUS 2.0.1(TEK)
98/4/24  NDBM NOSHADOW PASSCHANGE flat_users
Tue Sep  8 16:57:30 1998: [7154] using udp port 1645 for RADIUS
Tue Sep  8 16:57:30 1998: [7154] using udp port 1646 for RADIUS
Tue Sep  8 16:57:30 1998: [7154] updated client cache with 65 clients
Tue Sep  8 16:58:00 1998: [7154] radrecv: Request from host code=1, id=228, length=39
Tue Sep  8 16:58:00 1998: [7154] User-Name = "brandon"
Tue Sep  8 16:58:00 1998: [7154] Password = "S\343\033\003"
Tue Sep  8 16:58:00 1998: [7154] NAS-IP-Address =

/*	What the heck is ???  */

Tue Sep  8 16:58:01 1998: [7156] Sending Reject of id 228 to
nocol.one.net (

My IP addresses have been changed to protect the innocent of course :)

Here is what radiusmon is saying in debug mode:

[root@nocol nocol]# ./bin/radiusmon -d
(radiusmon).. locked pid-file, started new process
(debug) radiusmon: Radius down rad2-auth : 1645
(debug)radiusmon: Sleeping for 14 seconds.ZZZ...
(debug) radiusmon: Radius down rad2-auth : 1645
(debug)radiusmon: Sleeping for 15 seconds.ZZZ...
radiusmon: removing data, pid file.... Done

I have recompiled radiusmon with the #define IGNORE_AUTHCODE, and it
behaves 'o.k.'  What I mean is that if the radius daemon is running,
netconsole looks fine (level info).  When I stop radius, I go to
critical (good).  I guess my question is why am I not being
authenticated ??  I have quadruple checked the username and password
sent to the radius server.  Is there a mismatch in the radiusmon code in
terms of result codes or something ??

When I have radiusmon compiled without #define IGNORE_AUTHCODE, it is
always at CRITICAL.

Again, this radius server is simply Livingston 2.0.1 (with a few minor
patches) running on RedHat linux kernel 2.0.x / libc5.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, as I refuse to move on to
bgpmon before I can be assured Im not losing my mind or making a stupid
mistake over this :)


> Brandon Applegate
> Network Administrator
> OneNet Communications, Inc.
> 9944 Reading Road
> Cincinnati, OH 45241
> (513)618-1000