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     Re: Web page suggestion

On Fri, 4 Sep 1998 jhenders@bogon.com wrote:

| I've been playing around with the web interface and it seems to me, if
| you are primarily interested in monitoring hosts that it could get
| pretty unweildly pretty fast. ;)
| I wondering if some kind of folding could be worked out with the
| hostmon outputs, possibly under the OkData entry for each host, where
| clicking on that would expand to a new page with just the hostmon
| variables for that host on it. Obviously you'd want the entries to
| move up on the top level as they rose up in priority levels.

... and perhaps the MRTG plots for the various variables for the host too.
I would say that it could look pretty impressive.

For those that do not know what MRTG is, it's at