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     Re: if no snips, upgrade nocol or move elsewhere?

On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 04:04:08PM -0400, Velocet wrote:

>I am all for getting everything to my liking of course, just want to do
>as little work as possible to get there (and still get all the glory of
>being part of a project that produced a working useful network monitoring

I can sympathise with this. :-)

>If we're serious we should spend a couple weeks taking stock and discussing
>design flaws in other packages, then start working on deciding wether
>to attack nocol, some other package, or to start from scratch. It would
>also be good not to duplicate the efforts of the Gnome network monitoring
>people's efforts, tho there may be some over lap.

Well, looking at the netsaint.org pages, there are already a _lot_ of
monitoring packages out there... could take quite a while to evaluate
them all.

>This mailing list may not be the place to continue these discussions
>after a while - we can make another mailing list relatively easily
>then. Hopefully til we decide what we're doing, we can discuss nocol, its
>merits, failures and other packages here.

I'll be happy to provide a mailing list, cvs repository, and whatever
else seems relevant.


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