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     if no snips, upgrade nocol or move elsewhere?

then James D. Butt 'J.D''s all..
> > i'm interested in developing something like this...i have the database and
> > perl experience to do it, but a little short on the 'C' side.  if some of
> > you would be interested in either porting nocol to something like this or
> > writing something completely separate, please let me know.  
> Well I have been thinking about this for a long while now...
> Assuming that SNIPS is not going to happen I would have no problem
> devoting some time to this.... (I really hate to duplicate effort)

Seems like there's a number of people out there of this mind, to actually
get something done about this.

However, I feel it might be a bit premature if we dont first take stock
of whats out there, or perhaps ally ourselves with a more developped 
package that would require less work to get to where we want to be.
I am all for getting everything to my liking of course, just want to do
as little work as possible to get there (and still get all the glory of
being part of a project that produced a working useful network monitoring

If we're serious we should spend a couple weeks taking stock and discussing
design flaws in other packages, then start working on deciding wether
to attack nocol, some other package, or to start from scratch. It would
also be good not to duplicate the efforts of the Gnome network monitoring
people's efforts, tho there may be some over lap.

This mailing list may not be the place to continue these discussions
after a while - we can make another mailing list relatively easily
then. Hopefully til we decide what we're doing, we can discuss nocol, its
merits, failures and other packages here.

note: i dont have alot of experience in group development efforts or
in large software projects either, but I'd like to get my feet wet.
If someone wants to direct this thing with years of experience to guide
us, that would be an asset, assuming there's a bunch of us with some time
on our hands to do it. (assuming we can get our heads in line over how
we want to do it - not to jinx us or anything, but thats nother hurdle ;)

Ken Chase, Director Operations                  Velocet Communications Inc.
math@velocet.ca                                              Toronto CANADA
"Sometimes two [harmless] words, when put together, strike fear in the
  hearts of men -- Microsoft Wallet."                           - Dave Gilbert