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     Re: SQL Based Monitoring System

On Wednesday October 13, 1999, Roger Burton West <roger@firedrake.org>
 had this to say about "Re: SQL Based Monitoring System":

> On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 11:05:21AM -0400, Jonathan A. Zdziarski wrote:
> >Think about this... what if...
> >
> >NetSaint, or NOCOL, or whatever monitoring package you used... was
> >converted to store ALL events in SQL.
> Sounds lovely. (Being careful what you mean by "events" - I'd
> have two separate lots, logged state changes (nocol's log/* files)
> and current-status (the data/*-status files).)
> >i'm interested in developing something like this...i have the database and
> >perl experience to do it, but a little short on the 'C' side.  if some of
> >you would be interested in either porting nocol to something like this or
> >writing something completely separate, please let me know.  

Another option instead of C might be to use PHP4/Zend to interface with
the SQL backend.  Since PHP already has some strong hooks into HTML
templates, it would be quite easy to pull information from *SQL and push
it to a web page via CGI/xML.

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