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     Re: [nocol-users] hostmon, can I show each FS value?

Ok Steve, great!
Your MRTG work fine but there is another way to resolve this problem
(from now to the new version).

In hostmon-client.aix code, in df subroutines, I have modified the cycle
that write the variable/value/comment value in /tmp/lato-hostmon.
At this time  the client write X variables instead one-repeated-for-X
The new variables name is the variable name + FS name

At this time hostmon inizialize X different variables and X different
event (obvously I must specify in hostmon-confg the new var name each

DFspace_%used_ggspace   lato    50 70 90        /ggspace$
DFspace_%used_nkspace   lato    50 70 90        /nkspace$
DFspace_%used_home   	lato    50 70 90        /home$
DFspace_%used_var   	lato    50 70 80        /var$
DFspace_%used_   	lato    50 70 90        /$

It work and I like to know your comment about it. 
For me, it is not a true solution, it's only a pratic mode to bypass the
trouble ... :)
If someone want to take a look at the code I can post the modified


steve rader wrote:
>  > From: Gianni Del Papa
>  > [big snip]
>  > lato OkData          10:07   HostmonData      1      Info
>  > lato /usr+/nkspace   10:07   DFspace_%use    98      Warning
>  > ....
>  >
>  > 98% is the right value for /usr.
>  > I think that nocol take worst entry between the two FS.
>  > Please, can someone show me the way to log each FS with one entry?
> [snip]
> For now, I've gotten around this problem by *graphing*
> filesystems with MRTG which uses hostmon for the
> "reporter".  If anyone wants it, I can post a MRTG
> reporting module that uses the NOCOL hostmon monitor.
> steve


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