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     [nocol-users] Re: MRTG plugin that uses NOCOL hostmon for MRTG graphs...

 > From: steve rader
 > For now, I've gotten around this problem by *graphing*
 > filesystems with MRTG which uses hostmon for the
 > "reporter".  If anyone wants it, I can post a MRTG
 > reporting module that uses the NOCOL hostmon monitor.

NOCOL foks:

I got responses faster than I can drink my first cup of coffee
and plenty of things I'm gladly ignoring... so... see


Caveats: 1) I find that hostmon craps out if I telnet to it
often, so there is a "-rsh" option to use rsh/ssh to grab
hostmon's data.  2) If you graph "%CPU idle" you really get
"%CPU busy" =:)

MRTG folks:

This msg comes from a thread ala nocol-users@navya.com.
NOCOL is an network/host resource availability monitoring
system kinda like Rover.  If NOCOL is new to ya, see


happy holidays y'all,
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Steve Rader
Systems and Network Manager
WiscNet--Internetworking for Wisconsin
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