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     Re: [nocol-users] hostmon, can I show each FS value?

 > From: Gianni Del Papa
 > [big snip]
 > lato	OkData		10:07	HostmonData	 1	Info
 > lato	/usr+/nkspace	10:07	DFspace_%use	98	Warning
 > ....
 > 98% is the right value for /usr. 
 > I think that nocol take worst entry between the two FS.
 > Please, can someone show me the way to log each FS with one entry?

Fwiw, when I checked into this, I found it was a serious
flaw in hostmon.  (It *really* screws up df reporting too.)

I indend on writting some smaller unix system resource/pref
type monitors: a df monitor is at the top of the list.

But don't hold your breath... I suspect I'll work on 'em
in late spring/early summer.

For now, I've gotten around this problem by *graphing*
filesystems with MRTG which uses hostmon for the
"reporter".  If anyone wants it, I can post a MRTG
reporting module that uses the NOCOL hostmon monitor.

-- -- -- --
Steve Rader
Systems and Network Manager
WiscNet--Internetworking for Wisconsin
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