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     Re: nsmon question

> Well, me, I have about a half dozen name servers that I monitor, first
> of all, just to make sure named remains available... so, in that sense,
> it makes no sense for me to see a half dozen identical domain names in
> I monitor over 60 domains, strewn over about 2 dozen machines.  Some of
> the names of the domains are long

Hmm, since the 'name' in the config file is not really used except for
displaying it, I think that the earlier method was more flexible. The
earlier method allowed you to make up whatever name you want (which could
be a cryptic host + domain) to display.

Hence, you could create a config file such as:



The names will get truncated to 14 characters, but that should be enough
to classify the host and the domain.

Creating the config is harder, but probably a non-issue as in time one can
get automated tools.

Comments ? I can put an ifdef, but I personally think that the old method
was more flexible since one can put an arbitrary string in the 'name'.