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     Re: nsmon question

> Well, me, I have about a half dozen name servers that I monitor, first
> of all, just to make sure named remains available... so, in that sense,
> it makes no sense for me to see a half dozen identical domain names in
> netconsole and still not know where it's failed.
> So, my opinion would be that IF there's a AUTH statement on the line,
> perhaps it should be "domainname-host" (or vice-versa) that comes up in
> netconsole rather than just the domainname.  Without the AUTH parameter,
> it should probably just be the host name (though I haven't used such a
> statement in 4.2... yet)
	I don't quite agree.  I monitor over 60 domains, strewn 
over about 2 dozen machines.  Some of the names of the domains are long
(15 characters) and some of the machines names are long (hostname is
8).  This is pretty long if you were to do that. I think I'd rather
come up with my own little codes.

	Without AUTH, why still wouldn't you want to know what name of
the machine that isn't able to come up with the answer.  The root name
servers aren't authoritive, but I'd still like to know which one THIS
time claims my domain doesn't exist.