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     Re: nsmon question

On Thu, 27 Aug 1998, TTSG wrote:

> Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 19:42:50 -0400 (EDT)
> From: TTSG <ttsg@ttsg.com>
> To: Russell Van Tassell <russell@cscorp.com>
> Cc: vikas@navya.com,
> Subject: Re: nsmon question
> > Well, me, I have about a half dozen name servers that I monitor, first
> > of all, just to make sure named remains available... so, in that sense,
> > it makes no sense for me to see a half dozen identical domain names in
> > netconsole and still not know where it's failed.
> > 
> > So, my opinion would be that IF there's a AUTH statement on the line,
> > perhaps it should be "domainname-host" (or vice-versa) that comes up in
> > netconsole rather than just the domainname.  Without the AUTH parameter,
> > it should probably just be the host name (though I haven't used such a
> > statement in 4.2... yet)
> > 
> 	I don't quite agree.  I monitor over 60 domains, strewn 
> over about 2 dozen machines.  Some of the names of the domains are long
> (15 characters) and some of the machines names are long (hostname is
> 8).  This is pretty long if you were to do that. I think I'd rather
> come up with my own little codes.

Yeah, I have this same "problem" at another site... some domain names
are longer than that (we're talking names that, I think, are abusing the
long length "features" of DNS); and we're talking in numbers a few
orders magnitude greater... so that's where a good web interface comes

> 	Without AUTH, why still wouldn't you want to know what name of
> the machine that isn't able to come up with the answer.  The root name
> servers aren't authoritive, but I'd still like to know which one THIS
> time claims my domain doesn't exist.
> 			Tuc/TTSG

That was sort of my point, too... but, at the same rate, I'd like to
know (at a glance) which name server was having problems AND what domain
it was foobar'ing on...


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