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     Re: nsmon question

> > 	Without AUTH, why still wouldn't you want to know what name of
> > the machine that isn't able to come up with the answer.  The root name
> > servers aren't authoritive, but I'd still like to know which one THIS
> > time claims my domain doesn't exist.
> > 
> That was sort of my point, too... but, at the same rate, I'd like to
> know (at a glance) which name server was having problems AND what domain
> it was foobar'ing on...
	Right, I agree (I think there is a miscommunication). I'd like to
put :

DOMAINNAME      ariesorchids.com
arieso-roota	a.a.a.a
arieso-rootb	b.b.b.b
arieso-rootc	c.c.c.c
arieso-rootd	d.d.d.d
arieso-roote	e.e.e.e
arieso-rootf	f.f.f.f

And when root server d gets corrupted and claims we don't exist, then
I can call the NIC and raise high holy.

The suggestion before would have been :

DOMAINNAME      ariesorchids.com
a.root-servers.net	a.a.a.a
b.root-servers.net	b.b.b.b
c.root-servers.net	c.c.c.c
d.root-servers.net	d.d.d.d

To show up as ariesorchids.com-a.root-servers.net being down, but with
the truncation, it wouldn't show much.  I'd rather be able to control
it myself to know "arieso-roota". Hey, if its too cryptic, use the
feature in webnocol that when you click on it it can print the
contents of a file.

I like it the way it is, thanks.