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     [snips-users] Etherload in SNIPS v1.1

I am receiving the following error whenever I attempt to run etherload:

	etherload: This is a SNIPS version
  	etherload- Reading global config file /opt/snips/etc/snips.conf
  	(etherload).. locked pid-file, started new process (pid=2067)
  	etherload: /dev/hme: Permission denied
  	etherload: removing data, pid file.... Done

Here is the portion of the config file which deals with the interfaces:

	device hme0
	bw      30  50  70
	pps     500 1000 1500
	device hme1
	bw      30  50  70
	pps     500 1000 1500

What is wrong with this setup? Is my configuration incorrect, or does something need to be done at the OS level (Solaris 8) to allow access to the device (/dev/hme)?



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