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     Re: [snips-users] summary report generated by logstats.pl snips v1.1

On Fri, Nov 30, 2001 at 11:25:25AM -0500, Alicia A. VanAernam wrote:
> Currently I'm running snips v1.1.  When logmaint.pl runs, invoking
> logstats.pl, the summary report generated is blank. What gets emailed is
> pasted below. Any ideas as to whats wrong?

I posted the same issue a week and two ago, and someone responded with
their own fix a week or two ago, maybe (I've yet to have the time to
try their patch, myself).  We've yet to have any "official" response
from Vikas, to my knowledge.


Russell M. Van Tassell
russell at loosenut com

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