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     Re: [snips-users] new hostmon-client.linux ??

IMHO, hostmon should just pick stats that are collected by sar. sar is available and running by default on most systems now and it's averages/deltas (over 10/20 min) are by far better than deltas collected by hostmon agent (1-2 second deltas).
If not sar - then snmpmon that would keep values over the interval (like other monitors do) to calculate deltas.

Some stats are missing from sar - like mailq, disk space - but for them you don't need deltas - you need current values.

Russell Van Tassell wrote:

...guess I'll have to find someone here with a redsplat system and see how far borked this is, etc. (though I think Tim was offering-up a patch he did for his old Linux systems, with the caveat that netstat -c is borked on the platform, anyway -- like vmstat everywhere else)


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