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     [snips-users] ext3 partitions

Long time listener, first time caller :)  Not really, just always wanted 
to say that...

Hi, I just found a buglet.  in hostmon-client.linux, it only reads ext2 
partitions.  Ext3 is a journaling filesystem based on ext2.  Most of our 
filesystems are migrated to ext3.

df -k -t ext2 -t ext3 is probably a better command line.

However, I'm not really sure this is the way to do it.  There are so many 
different kinds of filesystems now, xfs, reiserfs, jfs, ext2, ext3, yada 
yada yada, perhaps a more generic way of doing it should be created.  
Perhaps read from /proc/filesystems and use any filesystem that does not 
have nodev on it?  On a system I run, that only leaves ext2, ext3, jfs, 
and iso9660.  if there are exclusions for cd based filesystems (iso9660, 
udf, etc) this should be workable.

Otherwise you'll just leave some disks out of the loop with no warning.



Russell Miller
rmiller at duskglow com	-	http://www.duskglow.com
Somewhere in the general vicinity of Sioux City, Iowa.

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