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     [snips-users] problems with hostmon getting data


I am having troubles in getting hostmon-client to cat data
out to the server upon connection. Hostmon is generating
the data fine on the client (and it is readable by user 'snips'),
but when connecting to the port via telnet on port 5355, it
doesn't print out the collected data. As such, the server reports:

server  server        _0001 14:45       DataAge       550  Critical

Am I correct in assuming that a telnet connection to the hostmon
port will actually cat the data out? In debug mode, hostmon
client shows the connection arriving ok, but not catting data. I seem to remember
that the way to this worked at other installations I have seen
is to run hostmon-client from inetd, and run cat /tmp/hostmon.tmp
on connection. But I presume that is not the way it is done any more.

The process is running and creating data files:

snips     3261  0.0  0.2  3472 2368 pts/0    S    14:25   0:00 /usr/bin/perl bin/hostmon-osclients/hostmon-client
snips     3265  0.0  0.2  4280 2708 pts/0    S    14:25   0:00 bin/hostmon-osclients/hostmon-client (telnet_daemon parent=3261)

TIME 1048562713 secs
Load5 0 load-5min
FileTable 3 %used
SwapSpace 657 MBytes
DFspace_avail 803 MB /
DFspace_%used 7 %full /
DFspace_avail 992 MB /usr
DFspace_%used 64 %full /usr
DFspace_avail 2490 MB /var
DFspace_%used 6 %full /var
DFspace_avail 114 MB /opt
DFspace_%used 81 %full /opt
DFspace_avail 4970 MB /space
DFspace_%used 64 %full /space
DFinodes_avail 110732 inodes /
DFinodes_%used 7 %inodes /
DFinodes_avail 305294 inodes /usr
DFinodes_%used 19 %inodes /usr
DFinodes_avail 353129 inodes /var
DFinodes_%used 3 %inodes /var
DFinodes_avail 62664 inodes /opt
DFinodes_%used 24 %inodes /opt
DFinodes_avail 1743843 inodes /space
DFinodes_%used 7 %inodes /space
MemFree 206 MB
SwapIn 0 si   
SwapOut 0 so  
CtxtSw 20 rate
CPUus 0 %user 
CPUsy 1 %system
CPUidle 99 %idle
PageIn 0 pi
PageOut 0 po

Any ideas what could be wrong?





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