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     RE: [snips-users] multithreaded snmpmonitor?

We are currently using Fidelia's NetVigil product to query over 10000 SNMP
OIDs every 5 minutes.  This is running on a Pentium 3, 1GHz Linux box with
plenty of resources to spare.
In addition to NetVigil fulfilling our enterprise monitoring requirements,
it has saved us hundreds of man-hours that would have been spent customizing
Fidelia's support has been tremendous.

If anyone has any questions regarding my experiences with NetVigil, please
feel free to contact me.


Kirk Lightfoot
Sr. Unix Administrator
Sony Online Entertainment
klightfoot at soe sony.com

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From: Vikas Aggarwal [mailto:vikas at navya com] 
Sent: Monday, August 05, 2002 7:27 PM
To: Jerry Wilborn
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If you need such a fast multi-threaded SNMP monitor (for a very large 
number of devices), see if you want to try the Fidelia NetVigil product (it 
is a commercial product, but we are running specials for NOCOL users).

It has a *very* fast multithreaded SNMP poller which also sends multiple 
requests to the same host in the same packet. It is capable of polling 
about 50k SNMP tests on a single P3 or equivalent machine at 5 minute 

If you have custom monitors that you have written for NOCOL/SNIPS, you 
should be able to port them to NetVigil easily.

For more information on the NOCOL program from Fidelia, please go to:


NOTE: I work for Fidelia, and I hope that the various nocol programs 
(including a free program for pingmon/hostmon users) will compensate for 
the lack of active and periodic NOCOL releases.

	Vikas Aggarwal

Jerry Wilborn wrote:
> anyone?  please?
> heh.
> Jerry Wilborn, Network Operations, Bethlehem, PA
> FASTNET - Internet Solutions
> 610-266-6700
> www.fast.net
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> From: Jerry Wilborn [mailto:jerry wilborn at fast.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, July 24, 2002 5:48 PM
> To: 'snips-users navya'
> Subject: [snips-users] multithreaded snmpmonitor?
> anyone ever looked in to writing a monitor to implement something like 
> this:
> http://lpr.sourceforge.net/man/libsnmpkit.3.txt
> the author basically talks about querying a large number of devices 
> and the lag associated with things that are down (which is what snips 
> is designed to find, no?).
> thoughts?
> Jerry Wilborn, Network Operations
> FASTNET - Internet Solutions
> 610-266-6700
> www.fast.net

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