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     Re: [snips-users] multithreaded snmpmonitor?


If you need such a fast multi-threaded SNMP monitor (for a very large number of devices), see if you want to try the Fidelia NetVigil product (it is a commercial product, but we are running specials for NOCOL users).

It has a *very* fast multithreaded SNMP poller which also sends multiple requests to the same host in the same packet. It is capable of polling about 50k SNMP tests on a single P3 or equivalent machine at 5 minute intervals.

If you have custom monitors that you have written for NOCOL/SNIPS, you should be able to port them to NetVigil easily.

For more information on the NOCOL program from Fidelia, please go to:


NOTE: I work for Fidelia, and I hope that the various nocol programs (including a free program for pingmon/hostmon users) will compensate for the lack of active and periodic NOCOL releases.

	Vikas Aggarwal

Jerry Wilborn wrote:
anyone? please?


Jerry Wilborn, Network Operations, Bethlehem, PA
FASTNET - Internet Solutions

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anyone ever looked in to writing a monitor to implement something like this:


the author basically talks about querying a large number of devices and the
lag associated with things that are down (which is what snips is designed to
find, no?).


Jerry Wilborn, Network Operations
FASTNET - Internet Solutions

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