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     [snips-users] Device names with a forward slash in them.


I'm using snips-1.2beta2 and it seems that both "snipsweb.cgi" and
"rrdgraph.cgi" in the package, do not handle device names with forward
slashes in them very well.

rrdtool will log the files into the respective directories correctly
(substituting / with _), but the 2 CGI scripts above will not perform

So when the user clicks on the "Graphs" button in genweb.cgi, he will
some error message of the file not found.

Was wondering if this error has been fixed and whether it will be
incorporated into the final 1.2 release?

I have made some quick changes to the abovementioned CGI scripts (though
crude), so if anyone would like the changes, you can email me.

Tan Shao Yi

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software