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     RE: [snips-users] Thresholds in snmpgeneric

Hi Michael,

I have also had this problem. I could not find a solution so I am still
using NOCOLv4.2.2.

If you do find a solution please let me know and I could try out SNIPS.


Steve Daltrey
Network Engineer
Telecity London

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Subject: [snips-users] Thresholds in snmpgeneric


I have a problem with snmpgeneric in snips-1.1:

While this config works fine:

TEMP . TEMP public 26 28 30

This one doesn´t work:

PRI . STATUS public 2 2 2

It seems that snips can´t handle the case when the thresholds for
warning, error and critical are equal although otherwise indicated
in the sample-config. The output goes to "critical" for any
snmpget-output, even if it is just "1".

What I want to reach is to have an OK for output "1" and a
CRITICAL for anything higher.

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