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     [snips-users] hostmon Qs: why "rcp nfs1.jvnc.net"? where's the rrdtool data?

I just installed SNIPS v1.1 and have hostmon configured to monitor
my local machine.  There are several rcp processes running:

   rcp nfs1.jvnc.net /tmp/nfs1.jvnc.net*.hostmon

but I don't see any references to rcp or nfs1.jvnc.net in the hostmon-confg

Q1: Why is hostmon trying to rcp?  How do I unconfigure this?

I see the current status file /tmp/myhost.hostmon with data in it.
But, this data doesn't appear in snipstv nor via snipsweb.cgi.
Furthermore, the only RRDtool data for my host that I see in
SNIPSHOME/rrddata is DataAge.rrd.  RRDTOOL is set to ON in

Q2: Where is the RRDtool data?


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