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     [snips-users] Expect alot more from me


	We are upgrading our master monitoring server from an OLD OLD OLD
copy of Nocol to the latest Snips.... You'll be seeing ALOT from me...

	We have a brand new machine set up, and its only logging a little
bit of stuff, however, we got this from syslogmon :

  Previous error file for syslogmon :

  syslogmon- Reading global config file /usr/local/etc/snips/etc/snips.conf
  (syslogmon).. locked pid-file, started new process (pid=12226)
  Out of memory!

	Any ideas? We've never had Nocols syslogmon complain, and it
goes through 50-60Meg of logs a day.

		Thanks, Tuc/TTSG Internet Services, Inc.

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software