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     [snips-users] syslogmon configurations

I have a monitoring process that generates usage stats on DHCP lease pools.
I would like to have SNIPS detect and set a value.  I seem to be having 
problems in the set up of the detection.  The syslogmon process was 
restarted since reconfiguration, and I am still not seeing this in my
display.  What am I doing wrong, and can I set the variable=value from 
the monitor? As a secondary question, what are the limits on the address

Looking for Address: Variable=value:DhcpAvail=30
Alternate Address: ntc-xxx-Vlan775: Variable=value:DhcpAvail=30
I am running snips-1.2beta.  I have set $debug=3 in the script.  Ouput
from run/syslogmon.error is included below as well.

Tim Peiffer 	    	    	    	peiffer at nts umn.edu
Operations Manager - Engineering Automation
Networking and Telecommunications Operations
University of Minnesota                 +1 612 626 7884 desk
2218 University Ave			+1 612 625 0006 problems
           				+1 612 626 1002 fax
Minneapolis MN 55455, USA          

Example logs:
Dec 29 08:17:24 engineer8 peiffer: user.notice ntc-1-rsm.rswitch-Vlan775: dhcp watch abandon 30
Dec 29 08:17:24 engineer8 peiffer: user.notice ntc-1-rsm.rswitch-Vlan795: dhcp watch abandon 40
Dec 29 09:16:52 engineer8 peiffer: user.notice ntc-1-rsm.rswitch-Vlan775: dhcp watch abandon 30

Example etc/syslogmon-confg lines:
DhcpAvail       *               warning         (\S+:\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)\s+dhcp\s+watch\s+avail.*
DhcpAvail       *               error           (\S+:\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)\s+dhcp\s+below.*
DhcpAbandon     *               warning         (\S+:\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)\s+dhcp\s+watch\s+abandon.*
DhcpAbandon     *               error           (\S+:\d+\.\d+\.\d+\.\d+)\s+dhcp\s+excessive.*

Date Fri Dec 28 20:39:32 CST 2001
syslogmon- Reading global config file /usr/local/snips/etc/snips.conf
(syslogmon).. locked pid-file, started new process (pid=18030)
syslogmon: removing data, pid file.... Done
Items are:
Logfiles :
Opening log file : /var/log/all.log,  Size : 1650295
Opening log file : /var/log/messages,  Size : 30255
Opening log file : /var/log/maillog,  Size : 798053
Opening log file : /var/log/all.log,  Size : 1652427
Opening log file : /var/log/messages,  Size : 31028
Opening log file : /var/log/maillog,  Size : 798692
Opening log file : /var/log/maillog,  Size : 380165
Opening log file : /var/log/all.log,  Size : 782636
Opening log file : /var/log/messages,  Size : 38026
Opening log file : /var/log/maillog,  Siz

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