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     [nocol-users] Sorting & Updating

Andy Cravens writes:
 > 1)  Is it possible to modify the web interface so devices in the
 > critical, error and warning view are sorted by the time they went down
 > rather than alphabetically?

We use a CGI script. This allows one to sort, ascending or descending
by any column shown. Or for that matter customize the view 
in a number of other ways. 

Some have indicated that the CGI is too slow if you have lots people
viewing and lots of data. (NOCOL has a data-structure design flaw in
my opinion in that the data is not indexed. So if you just want to see
say "critical" events you gotta scan everything).

Our setup has 126 events and we have maybe a max of around 5 people
looking simultaneously.

I make no promises about our Perl CGI code or ease of use in
installing or getting from your version to the one we use.