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     Re: [nocol-users] Sorting & Updating

> 2)  Occasionally we will experience a major network outage, usually due
> to power or telco.  When this happens our help desk spends an
> significant amount of time commenting out (hiding) devices that appear
> in the Critical view.  Has anyone found a quick solution for commenting
> out a large number of devices (75 to 150)?  We primarily use the web
> interface and it gets really old clicking on each device one at a time
> to update the status.
	I've hated this too.

	I've thought about trying to integrate "mon" 
(http://ftp.kernel.org/software/mon/) with its capability to link items
back to others, so if your T1 to a POP is down, don't tell me that the servers
at the POP are bad, the DNS is bad, the FTP is bad, etc.  It would mean 
changing nocol to be more "command line" than daemon.

	Of course, however, I've had NO time to work on this, and last
time I looked this functionality wasn't totally in place. By now I would think
it is.

	Something to think about.