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     Re: [nocol-users] Sorting & Updating

Andy Cravens wrote:
> 1)  Is it possible to modify the web interface so devices in the
> critical, error and warning view are sorted by the time they went down
> rather than alphabetically?

The events come from the readevent function in alphabetical order and are
printed as they come. It wouldn't be too hard to read them all in to an
array, sort the array and then print them out. I don't have time, right now,
to do that but if you remind me in a couple weeks...
> 2)  Occasionally we will experience a major network outage, usually due
> to power or telco.  When this happens our help desk spends an
> significant amount of time commenting out (hiding) devices that appear
> in the Critical view.  Has anyone found a quick solution for commenting
> out a large number of devices (75 to 150)?  We primarily use the web
> interface and it gets really old clicking on each device one at a time
> to update the status.

I've attached a script I hacked together a while ago. We always have some
number of 'vestigal' machines that show up whenever we restart nocol
(usually ones that have been removed but NOCOL hasn't been updated yet). I
wrote this script to hide all those. The 'status' message reflects that. You
could change it to read something more appropriate or replace it with a
command-line argument. Note that it's a gross attack--it hides everything
that's Critical. I put it in nocol/bin and run it: hideall.pl >


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