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     [nocol-users] ciscomon-confg how to start the process and how to configure


I have nocol-4.3.1 installed on a SunOS 5.6 server. The installation went
no trouble. Now I have a question as to how to configure the ciscomon-confg
and how to start the ciscomon process.

Do I modify the keepalive_monitors and change to the following:
PROGRAMS="noclogd etherload ippingmon rpcpingmon nsmon ntpmon portmon"
PROGRAMS="$PROGRAMS hostmon ciscomon"
with ciscomon appended to the PROGRAMS variable?

A sample of the ciscomon-confg file would help. The sample in the
distribution was
very vague. Where does the cisco passwd go? on the same line, as such:
cisco-4600	passwd

Any help would be appreciated.

Edward Concilio
GoAmerica Communications Corp.
Senior Systems Admin.
401 Hackensack Ave.
Hackensack, NJ  07601
Tel: (201) 996-1717 x2243
Fax: (201) 996-1772