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     [nocol-users] no logging or paging

Im getting no logs or pages out of nocol for some reason. Usually this
is cause noclogd has died. However I have some simple crontab scripts
which makes sure they're all running at all times now and they work
well. I've restarted noclogd three times and its running now and has been
for days.

Its also not running the pager program, as I have it log seperately to
a file, which has not been updated in days.

hostmon is running too (which seems to have a more central function than
the other monitors, or am I wrong?)

I have my bot in irc logging changes for me to a channel our techs sit
in, so the files its reading are being updated (/usr/local/nocol/data/*).


Ken Chase, math@velocet.ca  *  Velocet Communications Inc.  *  Toronto, CANADA