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     Re: [nocol-users] no logging or paging


1. if you find a core file from 'noclogd', then can you do a 

	gdb noclogd core

2. There is a test program under noclogd/ in the src dir (not been
   updated in a while though):

	cd noclogd/
	make newtest

   and then try to run 'newtest' which will send log messages to
   noclogd and see if they are logged.


Velocet wrote:
> Im getting no logs or pages out of nocol for some reason. Usually this
> is cause noclogd has died. However I have some simple crontab scripts
> which makes sure they're all running at all times now and they work
> well. I've restarted noclogd three times and its running now and has been
> for days.
> Its also not running the pager program, as I have it log seperately to
> a file, which has not been updated in days.
> hostmon is running too (which seems to have a more central function than
> the other monitors, or am I wrong?)
> I have my bot in irc logging changes for me to a channel our techs sit
> in, so the files its reading are being updated (/usr/local/nocol/data/*).
> Ideas?
> /kc
> --
> Ken Chase, math@velocet.ca  *  Velocet Communications Inc.  *  Toronto, CANADA