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     [nocol-users] snmpgeneric error message.

The first question I have is that I'm using snmpgeneric to pull some misc.
info, including the examples of polling for uptime/reboot, but I get the
follow error message when I try to use the uptime checking:

sub-identifier not found: sysUpTime
Error in packet.
Reason: There is no such variable name in this MIB.
- .0.0

	The configuration line for this is:

ts1.eden sysUpTime.0 Uptime <community> 240000 120000 60000

It seems like it's trying to "snmpget community
system.sysUpTime.0.0" for some reason.  I'm not sure where the extra .0 is
coming from.  The other ones seem to work fine (I'm using it to monitor line
saturation, as well as some other stuff.) It just seems to be this one that
has a problem.

I'm using NOCOL v4.4beta1 + rrdtool - decided to try it for grins, works
out nicely because our network graphing utilities use rrdtool as well.

Matt Raykowski - Network/Systems Administration
Spacestar Communications, Inc.
Dial-up to DS-3 Serving - MN WI ND MI IL
Voice (612) 996-0000 / Fax (612) 996-0123
www.spacestar.net / mattr@spacestar.net