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     RE: [nocol-users] snmpgeneric error message.

	That fixed that problem.  The other thing is that I was trying to modify
the portmaster mdmstat variable:

ts5.eden +.  MdmStat  community
32 31 31 (((1<*)&&(*<5))||(*==7))

	That's what comes in the file by default, which is nearly identical to the
PortsSvc (MdmStat == modems used, PortsSvc == ports serviceable):

ts5.eden +.  PortsSvc community
23 22 22 *!=6

	The only thing MdmStat doesn't get that PortsSvc does is when the state =
1.  When a line is waiting for a call, the value is one, and when a call is
connected, the value is 3.  So I figured I could use: (*==3), but that
reports I have 0 modems in use, even though the pool happens to have only
three modems NOT in use.  The output of nocol/run/snmpgeneric.error is as

bash-2.02$ more ../run/snmpgeneric.error
	I get no error messages about dotest, or anything, there must be something
simple I'm missing.

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> It seems like it's trying to "snmpget community
> system.sysUpTime.0.0" for some reason.  I'm not sure where the extra .0 is
> coming from.  The other ones seem to work fine (I'm using it to monitor
> saturation, as well as some other stuff.) It just seems to be this one
> has a problem.

Other 'sysUpTimes' variables or just other variables on that device?  I use
a fuller 'system.sysUpTime.0' in mine and have never seen this.