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     [nocol-users] Re: Nocol

  • To: Kevin Kilcher <kdk at andrews edu>
  • Subject: [nocol-users] Re: Nocol
  • From: Vikas Aggarwal <vikas at navya com>
  • Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2000 10:21:43 -0500
  • References: <%O1zn44yB8@edmund.cs.andrews.edu>
Kevin Kilcher wrote:
> I have read through all the documentation, and I am still unsure of a
> couple of procedures.
> First, how do I get nocol to alert me when a host goes back up. Several
> files allude to it, but none are really specific with an example config.

I will add more to the documentation also... Nocol sends out alerts when a
device goes *into* a particular severity and also when it *leaves* that

So 'noclogd' will automatically get a notification when a device enters
and leaves any of the severity levels (info, warning, etc.)

> Second, is it possible to do dependencies, so if portmapper/ping is down
> on a host nocol will not bug everyone about the WWWport and such?

It is not easy to do 'dependencies' at this time. The infrastructure does
exist, but the external script is not available yet. i.e. you would run a
script from noclogd which would process the dependencies also.

Once the 'database' integration is done, this will be much easier to query
the state of various devices.