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     [nocol-users] Problems with portmon

I've just started using NOCOL and I'm very happy with what it can monitor,
however I have run into a problem with the portmon monitor. Everything works
fine until something goes down. During testing I turned off the POP3 daemon
and  portmon reports connection refused, but now portmon tries to send the
POP3 string to the SMTP server.

So whats happening now is it is reporting the SMTP server down as well when
infact it is not.

Below is the the debug output or portmon and my portmon.conf file.

Any ideas why this is happening? Is this a bug in the portmon program?

---- Start PORTMON -D -D ----
portmon).. locked pid-file, started new process
(debug) portmon: Pollinterval = 600
(debug) portmon: ReadTimeout = 30
(debug) portmon: SimultaneousConnects = 64
Host=USENET-RemarQ :119, Sendstr=, MaxSev= 1
        200 Supernews NNRP server ready (4)
Host=POP3-ISX-1 :110, Sendstr=USER root
, MaxSev= 1
        +OK (4)
Host=MTA-ISX-1 :25, Sendstr=HELO portmon.test
, MaxSev= 1
        250 (4)
Host=APACHE-ISX-2 :80, Sendstr=GET /default.htm HTTP/1.0

, MaxSev= 1
        <HEAD> (4)
Host=WSTATS-ISX-2 :80, Sendstr=GET http://webstats.net24.net.nz

, MaxSev= 1
        Server: Statistics Server 5.0 (4)
Host=APACHE-ISX-2 :80, Sendstr=GET /default.htm HTTP/1.0

, MaxSev= 1
        </HTML> (1)
testing 6 sites simultaneously
connect() failed for Connection refused
 (debug) send_hoststring('POP3-ISX-1:110')
  (debug) portmon: host POP3-ISX-1:110- Sent string 'USER root
 (debug) send_hoststring('MTA-ISX-1:25')
  (debug) portmon: host MTA-ISX-1:25- Sent string 'HELO portmon.test
 (debug) process_host('POP3-ISX-1:110')
 (debug) portmon: Checking response '220 isx-1.net24.net.nz ESMTP Sendmail
8.9.3/8.9.3; Wed, 23 Feb 2000 10:18:57 +1300 (NZDT)
500 Command unrecognized: "USER root"
250 isx-1.net24.net.nz Hello isx-1.net24.net.nz [], pleased to
meet you
 check_resp(): No response matched for site
 (debug) process_host('MTA-ISX-1:25')

---- End PORTMON -D -D ----

----- Start PORTMON.CONF ----



HOST    USENET-RemarQ   xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx NEWSport  119   Critical
info    200 Supernews NNRP server ready
QUIT    quit

HOST    POP3-ISX-1      xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx POP3port  110   Critical  USER root
info    +OK
QUIT    quit

HOST    MTA-ISX-1       xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx SMTPport  25    Critical  HELO
info    250
QUIT    quit

HOST    APACHE-ISX-2    xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx WWWport   80    Critical  GET
/default.htm HTTP/1.0\r\n
info    <HEAD>

HOST    WSTATS-ISX-2    xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx WWWport   80    Critical  GET
/default.htm HTTP/1.0\r\n
info    Server: Statistics Server 5.0

HOST    APACHE-ISX-2    xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx WWWspeed  80    Critical  GET
/default.htm HTTP/1.0\r\n
TIME    5  10  15       </HTML>

----- End PORTMON.CONF ----