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     nocol-users Re: NOCOL Ideas...

Hi all,

Further to my previous e-mail, I have found the answers to a couple
of these:

> 1. Is it possible to hack netconsole (setup_display.c) so that I can
>    set from an environment variable what row I want the split of the
>    EVENTS/MESSAGES screens rather than having to press c to get it
>    to the height I want it every time I launch it?

change ./nocol-4.2.1/include/netconsole.h MSGSZ to required height,
remove *.o from /nocol-4.2.1/netconsole and recompile.

   177  #define MSGSZ           6                       /* Messages window     

The thing that was bugging me about this is once you have two one-line
messages, with the default 2 line message window, the messages flash 
on and off with alternate refreshes. Setting it to 6 means that it doesn't
do this unless there are more lines.

2. Can the term type/size parameters also be manually set using 
   environment variables rather than prompting for terminal type each time?

I got round this by commenting out, from netconsole's utils.c:

   203      /* Always prompt  so user can see the terminal type
   206         strcpy(ptermtype, get_reply("Terminal type", ptermtype,
   207                                  C_ALPHA|C_DIGIT|C_PUNCT));
   208      for ( p = good_terminals ; **p != '\0' ; ++p )
   209        if (strcmp (*p, ptermtype) == 0)
   210          return(1) ;
   211      */

I just find it annoying having to confirm my term type every time I start,
and one of the displays auto-starts and is up out of reach with no keyboard,
so when netconsole restarts, I have to get out keyboard, plug it in, press