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     nocol-users Portmon patch


I'm new to this mailing list, so forgive me if this has already been
resolved.  I scanned through the mailing list archive and found a few
other people reporting problems with portmon so thought I'd post this


Problem Description:

portmon fails to check the status of a port often when there is no
response string check involved. Example:

testing 10 sites simultaneously
(debug) Connected: 'log:49'
(debug) portmon: Checking site 'log:49'
 calling select for connect(), timeout 100
select() on connect returned 5
(debug) Connected: 'log:49'
(debug) portmon: Checking site 'log:49'
connect() failed to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX- Bad file number

While in the loop opening each socket to be tested, there is a condition
for processing non-blocked connects that return successful immediately.
If there was an immediate connection then the socket was removed from the
rset and wset and status was set to successful etc.  

However later in the processing open socket loop, the same socket (which
is now closed) is tested again and this of course fails.  The problem is
that subsequent calls to socket return the same fd descriptor because the
special case processing closed it and made it available again.

The patch below removes the special processing and puts the immediate
response socket into the rset and wset just like any other socket.  This
prevents subsequent socket calls returning the same descriptor.


Index: portmon.c
RCS file: /usr/local/cvs/netplex/nocol/portmon/portmon.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -w -c -r1.1.1.1 portmon.c
*** portmon.c	1999/08/09 03:44:53
--- portmon.c	2000/01/06 01:51:23
*** 229,241 ****
      if (NBconnect(sockarray[i], hv[i]->ipaddr, hv[i]->port) >= 0)
      {		/* immediate connect, perhaps to localhost */
!       FD_CLR(sockarray[i], &rset);
!       FD_CLR(sockarray[i], &wset);
!       status[i] = process_host(sockarray[i], hv[i]);
!       maxseverity[i] = maxsev;
!       close(sockarray[i]);
!       --nleft;
!       if (debug > 2) fprintf(stderr, "DONE %d. %s\n", i, hv[i]->ipaddr);
      else	/* NBconnect returned error */
--- 229,237 ----
  	  if (NBconnect(sockarray[i], hv[i]->ipaddr, hv[i]->port) >= 0)
  	  {		/* immediate connect, perhaps to localhost */
! 		  FD_SET(sockarray[i], &rset);
! 		  FD_SET(sockarray[i], &wset);
! 		  if (sockarray[i] > maxfd) maxfd = sockarray[i];
  	  else	/* NBconnect returned error */


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