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     nocol-users NOCOL Ideas...

Hi all,

We have been using nocol for a few months now and its doing exactly
what we want it to do...

I have a couple of little suggestions for consideration, and wonder
if anybody could give me some advice on:

1. Is it possible to hack netconsole (setup_display.c) so that I can
   set from an environment variable what row I want the split of the
   EVENTS/MESSAGES screens rather than having to press c to get it
   to the height I want it every time I launch it?

2. Can the term type/size parameters also be manually set using 
   environment variables rather than prompting for terminal type each time?

3. Can the help screen be made into a file and display the output
   of the file on screen when a user presses "h".

4. Can device dependencies be set up so that if, say, a switch goes
   down, all the devices on that switch are flagged not as "Critical"
   but something like "Unreachable" or stop the escalation at Warning or Error
   not Critical. This way the log files will make more sense when trying
   to work out how many outages a particular server has, not including
   problems due to other factors which were not this server's fault!

Possibly one way round the above (4) would be to have a manual override
script which gets called on a critical event to see if this really IS
critical or if the 'critical' is being caused by another device and
to change the Severity level back down to Error on the fly and log this event,
or suspend monitoring for the device until the switch/router or whatever
which means its unreachable comes back up.

Another scenario might be: if you can't Ping a server, then portmon which
is monitoring the same server for 6 services should stay quiet or suspend
its monitoring until ping is responding again. This way I will not get
dozens of messages telling me about the same server when its clearly down.

Has anybody already attempted anything like this? 
Would be grateful for any thoughts.



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