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     Re: anyone out there

Well I have a pretty flexible numeric pager setup if anyone is
interested I can contrib to the cause.

Vikas, You have done a hell of a Job!


On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Vikas Aggarwal was heard blurting out:

> Charles Sprickman wrote:
> > 
> > I think what's happened is that development is pretty much at a
> > standstill.  I'm not saying "Dammit Vikas!  Get this thing going again!",
> > just observing...
> > 
> > Anyhow, in our case we're running a few versions behind current, and the
> > local mods are so heavy I couldn't even imagine upgrading.  In talking to
> > other people that use Nocol, I've found the same thing.  The changes are
> > broad and somewhat hackish, but they work, and have the side-effect of
> > locking you into what you've got.
> It has been hard to dedicate time to development of nocol, and
> contributions have been pretty few. I can work on enhancing this package
> but I do need some dedicated time and support from others in the list
> also.
> The current release has a lot of contributions from users in the field,
> and that has helped NOCOL grow to its current stage (web interface, perl
> interface, paging, etc.). If there is support from others on this list,
> then I can coordinate enhancing the package and adding new features.
> Top on the list of things to do are:
>  1. fix outstanding bugs in current beta release (minor effort)
>  2. update PERL code to use OO perl5 (need good perl developer)
>  3. add hook to MRTG to detect thresholds from data being collected
>     by MRTG (minor effort)
>  4. Replace snmp with UCD SNMP code (C development effort)
>  5. Consolidate/rewrite good parallel tasking SNMP perl module (need SNMP
>     and perl developer)
>  6. Add 'dbase' support (design, need database designer)
>  7. Reports (historical trends, perhaps plot in MRTG)
>  8. Documentation in HTML
>  9. Use 'gnu' config (already done, need testing?)
> I have found very few 'bugs' with the C monitors, most of the bugs are
> with 'hostmon' which needs to be rewritten as part of #2. I realize that
> this hostmon data can be collected as part of UCD snmp also, but a lot of
> folks seem to end up using hostmon.
> If there are folks willing to take up some of the above responsibilities
> and dedicate about a month's effort, I think we can roll out a new release 
> with most of the above features by November end.
> If you think you can take up a piece of this list above, then please send
> email and I can _actively_ start working with you all on the next
> release... but I _need_ your support to do this.
> 	-vikas
> 	vikas@navya.com

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