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     Re: anyone out there

Charles Sprickman wrote:
> I think what's happened is that development is pretty much at a
> standstill.  I'm not saying "Dammit Vikas!  Get this thing going again!",
> just observing...
> Anyhow, in our case we're running a few versions behind current, and the
> local mods are so heavy I couldn't even imagine upgrading.  In talking to
> other people that use Nocol, I've found the same thing.  The changes are
> broad and somewhat hackish, but they work, and have the side-effect of
> locking you into what you've got.

It has been hard to dedicate time to development of nocol, and
contributions have been pretty few. I can work on enhancing this package
but I do need some dedicated time and support from others in the list

The current release has a lot of contributions from users in the field,
and that has helped NOCOL grow to its current stage (web interface, perl
interface, paging, etc.). If there is support from others on this list,
then I can coordinate enhancing the package and adding new features.

Top on the list of things to do are:

 1. fix outstanding bugs in current beta release (minor effort)
 2. update PERL code to use OO perl5 (need good perl developer)
 3. add hook to MRTG to detect thresholds from data being collected
    by MRTG (minor effort)
 4. Replace snmp with UCD SNMP code (C development effort)
 5. Consolidate/rewrite good parallel tasking SNMP perl module (need SNMP
    and perl developer)
 6. Add 'dbase' support (design, need database designer)
 7. Reports (historical trends, perhaps plot in MRTG)
 8. Documentation in HTML
 9. Use 'gnu' config (already done, need testing?)

I have found very few 'bugs' with the C monitors, most of the bugs are
with 'hostmon' which needs to be rewritten as part of #2. I realize that
this hostmon data can be collected as part of UCD snmp also, but a lot of
folks seem to end up using hostmon.

If there are folks willing to take up some of the above responsibilities
and dedicate about a month's effort, I think we can roll out a new release 
with most of the above features by November end.

If you think you can take up a piece of this list above, then please send
email and I can _actively_ start working with you all on the next
release... but I _need_ your support to do this.