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     Re: anyone out there

Thanks for your direct comments. I have recieved email from a number of
folks willing to work on the project over the past 2 days, so I think we
can do some 'active' development on nocol (until at least we really see no
responses to a 'anybody out there' email :)


Peter Galbavy wrote:
> > If you think you can take up a piece of this list above, then please send
> > email and I can _actively_ start working with you all on the next
> > release... but I _need_ your support to do this.
> I think that the problem with NOCOL, while trying very hard not to
> bring personalities into it, it that while open source, NOCOL is
> "closed". The catherdral and the bazaar all over again. The cathedral
> model (which I personally prefer for stable, solid code) only works if
> the architect is full time, like Apache, *BSD's etc. NOCOL, as you
> say, has not been getting the attention from you that it may get
> elsewhere, but while the development cycle is closed people will
> continue to make local hack or move on to other projects.
> NOCOL was great in its day, but other packages, in my personal view
> NetSaint, have jumped over NOCOL in leaps and bounds. I do not believe
> that my companies resources (yes, we actually have decided to put some
> real time into this) would be best served by trying to kick start
> NOCOL development back up, but rather by support a "live" project like
> NetSaint.
> Sorry for being so direct, I hope I have not offended.