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     Re: anyone out there

On or about Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 03:06:43PM -0400, Jonathan A. Zdziarski typed:
>lots of folks have switched to the commercial software 'netcool' which
>runs about $100,000 or so.  it's much nicer, but obviously nocol has its
>own value in being free.

"Much nicer" is an interesting way of putting it. "A total waste of
money" would be more accurate - the probes don't work, all the IP-
based probes _insist on_ DNS rather than IP numbers - so useful if
your nameserver falls over, all of a sudden all the probes fail -
and you need a high-end system to run it on.

I've looked at a lot of different monitoring packages, and they're
all horribly expensive (or freeware). I haven't yet seen one that
worked as well as NOCOL.

>> Has anyone got nocol doing hierarchical conditions, so that when a link
>> is down you dont also get paged with SMTP, Web, Pop, Imap, Ftp and everything
>> else being down too?

No... but on the other hand I have got a once-every-five-minutes cron
job that tells me all the system status changes in that time.


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