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     Re: anyone out there

On or about Tue, Oct 12, 1999 at 04:40:36PM -0400, Velocet typed:

>Well, I dont mind nocol rightnow, getting more familiar with it these
>days. Have been looking around at a few things, not sure if we want
>to switch. With 3 people on call (we cant guarantee our pages get thru
>so we have to page 3 people), our pages are getting slow when there's
>6 pages for one single event (DSL line goes down or something).

Send your pages to a collector script which drives the pager itself...

>What has everyone else tried? Anyone tried SYSMON? or NetSaint? I guess
>there arent too many packages out there for monitoring, but there has
>to be something.

Looked at BB, it's not as flexible and something of a security risk. The
great thing about NOCOL is that you don't need to install target-side

>We're thinking of making some extremely object oriented network pluggable
>(ooh buzwords) type network monitor Some Day When We Get Some Time. I know
>this aint gonna happen, so it would be easier to modify something that
>already exits. For us we have the advantage of Nocol being familiar to us
>but Im wondering if there's something else outthere that is that much
>further ahead in what we want to ad to it.

Not that's open source, as far as I've seen; I'm thinking about putting
together something like this, possibly working from NOCOL as a base,
but I don't have a lot of experience.

>Really, I spose one thing that would help majorly is a paging scheduler,
>as well as a criticality filter. The crit filter would sit before
>the paging scheduler and just figure out if at 3am this "quake server 2 down!"
>is really importan enuf to wake people up for, or if its something that
>can wait for a reminder page some hours later.

Ah, so you want to put me out of a job! :-)

>As well, reminder pages for
>crit things when it hasnt been fixed STILL, 30 min later after the original
>critical would be good. For super important stuff, sending out the same
>page twice would be a good ability as well due to the nature of our paging
>network that we use, as well as the impenetrability of the subway system. ;)

Sounds to me as if one could do this as a front-end to NOCOL.

>The pager filter system could be done with some nice regexp rules, but i
>can see those getting complicated and nasty realfast. Would seem nicer to
>make some sort of tree diagram interface for the hierarchical system.

Yuk. Regexps are wonderful. If you write a tree diagram interface,
you have to go GUI, and that causes problems when you need to
change configs over a 1200bps serial line...

>I can see that there would eventually need to be some sort of 
>"if situation = 1 or 2, then page situation, dont page existing crit types
>5 6 and 7" to allow proper hierchicalizations - some boolean logic is
>required in the statements.

Agreed - oh dear, we need to write a mini-programming-language, don't

>Just wondering what the existing state of all this is now. I know this is
>a list specifically for nocol, but I dont know if there is a good general
>forum for system monitoring tools that I should be on (please do tell).

I haven't met one...


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