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The autoconfiscated version of nocol may be found at:


As of an hour ago, the alias ftp.vircio.com didn't work, so if necessary the 
same system may be reached as www.vircio.com or at the IP address

I assume that Vikas will put this in the usual locations soon.

Here's the contents of the NEWS file:


nocol v4.2.2beta3: July 1999

This version of nocol uses autoconf.

This required some moving things around to bring the system closer to
GNU standards.

INSTALL has been rewritten to reflect the use of autoconf.

A number of portability problems were fixed along the way, and many of
the perl scripts are now localized to your configuration.

There's still a lot to do to improve portability, but hopefully I
fixed more than I broke in the process.

I only had Linux available for testing, so there's a reasonable chance
that I didn't catch problems which were introduced for other

When I started, the etherload module didn't compile under Linux.  It
compiles now, but it still doesn't work.


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