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     Regarding NOCOL

---------------------- Forwarded by Nainar Saravanan/Systems Technology/DSQ
Software Limited/IN on 07/19/99 01:27 PM ---------------------------

Nainar Saravanan
07/16/99 12:23 PM

To:   vikas@navya.com

Subject:  Regarding NOCOl


We are using NOCOL V 4.2.1 for monitoring routers and Unix Hosts.While we run
snmpmon-client We are getting snmpwalk error.But when we execute snmpwalk
Utility provided by LINUX we are able to get queries from routers and unix
hosts.Please give suggesitions for solving this problem.

Is there any way to run snmpwalk provided by nocol in command line.When we run
it from command line it gives mib file not found error . What is The correct
syntax with options for Specifying it in command line,So that we can check it
from the command line.

We have enabled the Routers to read snmp requates from the system which is
Running NOCOL V 4.2.1