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     Re: snmpmon-client

I have always added all the contributions that I have recieved from NOCOL
users as part of the core distribution (that includes a fair number of the
monitoring scripts). If Ed sends their contribs to me then I will add it
to the distrib.

	Vikas Aggarwal

Rick Robino wrote:
> Looks interesting, Ed. Maybe this is a good time to poll the list for
> custom made add-ons and collect the links for easy access on a website.
> I would be happy to donate the space and bandwidth, if anyone is interested.
> If this sounds like a good idea to everyone, post the web locations of
> your customizations/examples/whatever to the list (or if the maintainers
> don't like that idea, directly to me) and I'll make a page. If you don't
> have dedicated space available, contact me directly and I will make storage
> arrangements (currently upload to, ftp://www.wavedivision.com/incoming).
> There is no contrib directory on navya.com, so maybe we could compile one
> of our own. What do you all think?
> --Rick